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Dear Sue,Good news is that SAP is planning to add the bin locaoitn functionality in the next B1 version (9.0) which will be available for customers at the end of 2012.If you need a solution right away, you have 2 main options:1.Use one of the relevant add-ons that are available on the market.2.Use UDF’s to build a custom solution:•Add UDF’s in the Item master data (header or warehouses table) to allocate relevant bins to an item.•Add UDF’s in Sales/purchasing document.•Use formatted search in Purchase documents to create ‘choose from list’ to receive inventory to the relevant bins of an item.•Use formatted search in Sales documents to create ‘choose from list’ to release inventory from a relevant bin locaoitn.•Create inventory report to show inventory status based on your bins locaoitns.We hope it helps! If you need further assistant please feel free to post it here or contact us at